I cannot access Tasmota device through Smartthings

Good night, I’m trying to do an automation using devices with Tasmota firmware, but I can’t access them through the Smartthings app. I’ve seen a Youtuber showing how to do it, but repeating the same steps doesn’t work. The device is normally recognized by Alexa, but in the Smartthings app, through the Tuya-Connect library I enter the device’s IP but it cannot communicate with the device.

It’s usually a networking issue, e.g. vlan, different subnet/network…

Strange, because I can access normally through the browser. Using the same ip address.

Try click “Toggle” and look under Tasmota console, can it do a websend to your ST hub IP address successfully?

If it doesn’t, there is a communication issue between Tasmota device and ST hub.

Through the browser Tasmota receives commands normally, as seen in the image below:

But in the Smartthings app there is no communication.

Is your ST hub (v2 or v3) on the same subnetwork as the Tasmota device?

Do I need a physical St Hub to integrate the smartthings app with Tasmota?


  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 or v3
  • Official Tasmota Firmware >=8.10