I can no longer add devices to my Hub Smartthings V3

Hi guys, I don’t know if anyone has gone through this and can help me. I can no longer add devices to my Hub Smartthings V3. I have an average of 70 devices.

What are you trying to add?

@jkp I’m trying to add temperature sensors, and switches from sonoff. I already have some installed but now I can’t add them anymore.

My advice is simple, so you may have already tried. But here it is anyways…

If you are installing a brand new never used device, then check if you have a compatible Edge Driver installed on your hub. Go to the ST app, open the Hub, select the hamburger buttons, and select Driver to see the list of available drivers installed on the hub.

If you are reinstalling existing devices, then exclude the device by beginning with the smartthings app first. Delete the device in the app, then follow the manufacturers instructions to finish unpairing the device. If the device does not show in the ST app, then use the manufacturers instructions to reset the device.