Humidity, temp sensor (2023)

I can’t vouch for any other Aqara product but precisely the sensor I show here pairs using @Mariano_Colmenarejo 's Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver without problems, and I have 2 running for nearly a year now. I don’t use any Zigbee repeater…


Happy with the third reality ones.
Click on the picture to see them all
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See photo. Six devices. I compared them and they stay all close to each other. Using standard batteries also helps. They do not show battery level in here to see how close the are near my “reference” meter

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Hi @Johnnybegoode

The driver has just warned me that the barometric pressure is dropping rapidly, <= -2mbar/h and there may be a risk of heavy rain.

The high-impact storm Babet is arriving this afternoon in the center of the peninsula iberica.

It seems to work


In the case of weather change like this, like the one that we will have in our area later today barometric pressure measurement is, and for years has been, the most reliable indicator.
The anticyclonic conditions with such high temperatures (climate change?) that we have had all year so far haven’t allowed us to see it’s use, but I knew that your implementation on the driver of the pressure change rate was perfect. I combine it in routines/rules with a check on temperature and humidity changes, and I’ve had warnings of changeable weather since yesterday evening, and again this morning, even although at the moment it looks a nice day.
Keep up the good work Mariano :+1: and don’t forget the umbrella if you go out later!

UPDATE - Just got another warning!


Here we have already had 18 mm of rain in 3 hours, more is expected in the afternoon. It is very much needed

For your area it is moving! The Mediterranean is so hot that it surely activates the rainfall even more.


I have an Alloy Plug Temp / Humidity / ZWave Repeater, and just discovered that even though ST says it is online, it has not been working with the ‘Edgy’ stuff ST is doing for a year? Any updates for a Zwave Edge Temp/ Humidity driver?

Storm Ciarán well announced the this time.

BTW Mariano, there seems to be a bug when trying to set the upper limit on a range in a routine for the Atmospheric pressure change rate. Can’t put negative - not just a case of pasting it, the negative sign doesn’t stay. At least I find that on iOS and although I use a rule here, anyone wanting to make a weather prediction routine would, logically use negative for pressure fall.

Hi Jhon,

In Android app it works fine.

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OK, no worries Mariano, we’ll wait for the iOS update which is pending for 50.10 firmware.
Did you get the warning for Ciarán where you are?

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Yes, from 2 am to 8 am it has been at high negative values.
Then around 12 it warning again for 1 hour.

I made a small correction to the storage of the last hour’s pressure values in the latest version of October 30

It’s a shame that zigbee only has 1mb resolution

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:+1: I hadn’t noticed, but yes mine is on 30/10, and it’s worked just perfectly this time. Great work maestro!

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