Humidity sensor available?

Hello all,
Just getting into smartthings and I am looking for a device that I can get humidity readings from. It would be great if I could trigger notifications if it reads outside a range nut just getting a measurement would be great.


Everspring ST814 works pretty well for temperature and humidity, but I’ve heard they’re hard to find recently (haven’t checked that myself).

Any device that reports humidity to the ST hub can be used to send notifications, or any kind of sensor really. The hub sends the notifications, the sensor doesn’t have to do anything but report whatever it’s sensing.

Zooz 4 in 1 is good for humidity.

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what about xiaomi aqara humidity temperature sensor? £6.22 delivered from gearbest at the moment. (mine is in the post so can’t comment on how good it is yet, but I’ll be hoping to use it to monitor temp and humidity in my summer house/log cabin, activating the heater and dehumidifier during winter)