Humidity and temperature graph

Since the latest app update humidity and temperature has been combined, and I’m no longer able to see the historical graph for temperature, only humidity which is really not that interesting. Any way to make the app show the graph for temperature instead?

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Just curious… what options are available in the cog shown in the image you posted?

Just the option to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit

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What device is this with the combined Temperature and Humidity?

All my Halo smoke/co detectors, gen 3 Iris motion sensors, ST/Iris temp humidity sensors, and others I can’t remember right now do this.

Do they report the value with “unit”, like Celsius or Fahrenheit or %? - I mean C, F, °C, °F or %.
You can see it in the History.

Mine has been doing this as well since the last update. It is the SmartWeather Station Tile with my local weather. The Tile still only displays Humidity on the ST Home page instead of Temp, then shows them together with a non-functioning graph as seen above. In History it has them listed separately with an ‘F’ or ‘%’ for units.

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@dckirker not sure if you can pass this on or not

Many DH (even official ones) missing this from the sendEvent:

unit: getTemperatureScale() (If the device gives temperature in the scale what you set in the app!)

Or for Humidity

unit: "%"

I’ve just fixed one of my DHs which had missing history.

It uses vid: generic-radiator-thermostat, .5 temperature has been set in the Classic app. (It is actually not on a radiator but sits on a shelf for testing.)

@Philippe_Portes, you might want to try this.


good find @GSzabados !

@prjct92eh2, Feel free to do a few PRs on github to fix things. :wink:

Weird, mine still has the old UX and history works there for Temperature and for Humidity separately.

Wish i had the time!

Here are images (since last update) of my local weather, with the temp/humidity graph expanded, and the history…

That’s weird. Mine looks this way:

Difference from ios/android I guess. My temp had the arc look like yours before the update and the graph worked fine.

I’ve just changed the phone’s language to English, as it was not working with foreign languages. It just crashed/restarted the app.

That’s how it look in my app as well, the history tab reports both humidity and temperature regularly, but only humidity in the graph. No easy way to change this I understand. Hope for a fix/change in a later update of the app.

I’m having the same issue. Is there anything we can change to fix it? I’m new to all of this.

I know they are working on getting the Temp on the Home tile instead of Humidity, so the problem is probably related to that work. I would expect it to look like this until the next app update - usually about a month apart.

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