The temperature value in history page is deferent from that in temperature sensor detail card

We find when our temperature and humidity sensor is connected and showed at Smartthings app, there is deference between the value in history page and that in sensor detail card.

I have received some reply from Smartthings technical team:

The temperature unit has issues due to how the ST cloud has implemented it, commands do not specify units but all values reported/events must specify the unit, moreover it must be in the unit that is used by the users location.
The unit for the location is today defined by where the user is creating their account, in US °F all other locations °C, there used to be a way for users to change the unit through the IDE and the classic app but that’s no longer possible.

But is there any other solution that can fix the temperature deference?

  1. Go up to the 3 dots in upper right corner
  2. There may be a settings option
  3. And possibly a temperature choice of F or C under settings.

You can change the default location units for temperature with It’s under manage location on the top right.

However, I would expect both the detail card and the history to be shown in whatever unit the location is set to. Odd that your detail card is in C and the history is in F. What is your location set to?

Not here. Now there is no way to configure the temperature unit any more. I got this inclusion after I ask a consult by an email to IFTTT.

But after I ask a consult by an email to IFTTT, I get the reply that there used to be a way for users to change the unit through the app but that’s no long possible.
Foller your introductions, I have found the manage location option, but there is no way for me to change anything about unit after choosing it.


The three dots:


Manage location:

Hey, may I ask what’s your app’s version?
I have found nothing about the temperature unit configuration at my app whose version is

There’s no version number on, at least not my version.