Motion and moisture issues


I have opened a ticket on sunday as my moisture sensor is not showing the temperature in Celsius and the motion sensor (which shows the temperature in Celsius) is not detection motion at all. My ticket has been escalated in some way on monday. No update since then from Support. Is anyone else facing similar issues?
fab > My locations… does it show your temp scale as C ?

Yes. In fact the motion sensor shows the temperature in C, whilst the moisture in F

Cool, i’m just narrowing down where the issue could be as i can’t see your entire environment and there are several places where it could be messed up, when troubleshooting is safest to very everything and not assume anything is setup correctly.
The default “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” devicetype looks like it supports F to C conversion as long as the temperature scale is set to C. Are you using the “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor” or the “SmartSense Temp/Humidity” or some other devicetype for this device? If its some other devicetype switch it to one of those and see if it works correctly. If you are using one of those devicetypes than the issue would be in the devicetype and you can either fix the devicetype yourself or wait for support/device development to fix the devicetype and push out the change.

I saw this ticket come through. I punished one of the newer guys by taking his pinky toe (youll see if you havent already checked your email). We have seen some mixed reports on this C/F thing and are trying to reproduce. I only saw it on a moisture, but someone saw a motion. Stay tuned to your email for updates.

ok thanks now temperature is ok.
Hope I can get the motion sensor working

I have to say I have noticed similar issues, the Motion Sensor is reporting in C, the Moisture and Multi Sensor in F.

I have configured my location to be in C.


Same thing here, location is C, AEON multi and smartthings Multi in F…since migration to V2 hub.

I was starting to think that the sensors I added before changing my location to “C” were the problematic ones, and I was getting ready to remove and re-add these sensors, when this weekend, everything started reporting in C, not sure what made the difference, but there was a lot of tinkering going on, including powering down the hub and adding more sensors.

Interesting… send an email to if you see another sensor pop up in F so we can investigate.