Humidity Alert? Can't turn on a fan

I have a humidity sensor in the bathroom and want it to turn on the fan when it goes above 70% humidity. I’d also like to turn the fan off after x minutes. Tried the Humidity Alert smatapp and I get alerts at every humidity number change (don’t want that) and the fan is never told to go on. Any ideas?

I use Humidity Alert! by docwisdom/Brian Critchlow and it works fine for me.

Ive never used CoRE but this sounds like the perfect reason to.


If Humidity Sensor Raises Above X %
Then Using Fan
Turn On

It’s that simple.

I use CoRE for all three of mine in our bathrooms. It turns them on when above 75%, and off when it goes below that.


Is that the “Humidity Alert” in Smart Apps? That’s the only one I see. Not the one that has the name of “docwisdom”. When I use it, it’s still confusing as it alerts me on my phone of the humidity level but still does not turn on the fan. There are 2 humidity settings:

  1. When the humidity rises above:
  2. When the humidity falls below:

Am I to assume that it is supposed to turn on the switch when it rises above a setting and back off when it drops below a setting? It does not seem to work that way. I set it to go on at 75% and off at 70%. Blow into the sensor and it hits 90% but still won’t control the switch. And the alerts are annoying.

Several posts here regarding “CoRE”… What is it ? I’m not seeing it in the app.


My configuration is as follows:

You won’t find it in the Marketplace unless you create it first in the IDE and then it will show up under My Apps. I still use CoRE, not webCoRE yet.

Here is what I do for this usecase in Webcore. I compare the humidity in the bathroom to the thermostat in the hallway.

for some reason, Humidity Alert! by docwisdom/Brian Critchlow, never turn off for me i updated it

Hi @mark_cockcroft,

If all you want to do is turn on a device when a humidity level rises above a certain level, and then off, you’re more than welcome to try my parent/child app:

Install this first: Save and Publish

Next install this: Just Save but don’t Publish

Here are some screenshots of what it looks like in the Classic app:

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thanks, miles more then what i need, also i like to have the upper an lower values, to make sure its well below and dosnt creap up , ie fan on off all the time

Ive updated your code app has
upper and lower humidity values
over ride switch option
time out after x miunits of not reciving an updated humitity value

Thank you!

This is the only code I’ve been able to get to work in my environment (mesh hub, aeon multisensor 6, GE dimmer switch)

Have tried:
(think this is the original version)

Any insights on what you did to the code?

Cool, glad it worked for you. I literally kept the code as simple and as basic as you can get. Basically if the humidity is above X, then turn on a switch and nothing else and nothing fancy.