Humidity Alert? Can't turn on a fan

(Scott Osborn) #1

I have a humidity sensor in the bathroom and want it to turn on the fan when it goes above 70% humidity. I’d also like to turn the fan off after x minutes. Tried the Humidity Alert smatapp and I get alerts at every humidity number change (don’t want that) and the fan is never told to go on. Any ideas?

(Barry) #2

I use Humidity Alert! by docwisdom/Brian Critchlow and it works fine for me.

(Allan) #3

Ive never used CoRE but this sounds like the perfect reason to.

(Ron Talley) #4


If Humidity Sensor Raises Above X %
Then Using Fan
Turn On

It’s that simple.


I use CoRE for all three of mine in our bathrooms. It turns them on when above 75%, and off when it goes below that.

(Scott Osborn) #6

Is that the “Humidity Alert” in Smart Apps? That’s the only one I see. Not the one that has the name of “docwisdom”. When I use it, it’s still confusing as it alerts me on my phone of the humidity level but still does not turn on the fan. There are 2 humidity settings:

  1. When the humidity rises above:
  2. When the humidity falls below:

Am I to assume that it is supposed to turn on the switch when it rises above a setting and back off when it drops below a setting? It does not seem to work that way. I set it to go on at 75% and off at 70%. Blow into the sensor and it hits 90% but still won’t control the switch. And the alerts are annoying.

(Scott Osborn) #7

Several posts here regarding “CoRE”… What is it ? I’m not seeing it in the app.

(Barry) #8


My configuration is as follows:


You won’t find it in the Marketplace unless you create it first in the IDE and then it will show up under My Apps. I still use CoRE, not webCoRE yet.

(Pizzinini) #10

Here is what I do for this usecase in Webcore. I compare the humidity in the bathroom to the thermostat in the hallway.