Automation to turn on Bathroom fan

Looking for some assistance
I have an exhaust fan in the bathroom. I installed a humidity sensor and also a zigbee switch so when humidity is hight, the fan turns on. When humidity is low the fan turns off. I was using as reference my home ecobee humidity.

  • Bathroom Hum High means Bath Hum > Ecobee Hum + 8%
  • Bathroom Hum Low means Bath Hum < Ecobee Hum + 2%
    I had this running on webcore since I couldnt figure out how to accomplish this using routines (comparing with an expression the variables in two devices)

Now that webcore is going away, anybody can think on an easy way to do this?

I do this without comparing the two devices. Each room just manages itself. Otherwise you would need to either create virtual switches to represent the humidity state, or use the Rules API in place of webcore.

What I did initially: Fully managed from wecore
What I started doing a year ago: Created virtual switch, use webcore to do comparison and turn on/off the virtual switch, use routines to turn on/off the fan based on the virtual switch

I am thinking maybe I can use nodered to turn on/off switch? or sharptools?
I am not sure what are the rules API and I am getting a 404 when trying the link

They just updated their website today, so some links are down. These look relevant for doing non-Edge stuff:

I took note from @blueyetisoftware and decided to simplify using just a routine. I inspected my home humidity so no real need for this sophistication. I am good (although still surprised this wouldnt be easier to do, there are likely valid use cases to compara two variables in a routine without going to the cloud)

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Yes. I would really like to compare indoor/outdoor temp or humidity.

Yeah, that is also what I did and seems to work ok.
If humidity is > or = X the turn switch on and If humidity is < or = Y then turn switch off.

I went in a different direction on this. I cut the standpipe from the shower valve to the shower head and installed a flow switch which is connected to leak sensor to trigger an event which then brings on the exhaust fan with a 15 minute delay when the valve is turned off. It also brings on the shower light and closes the window shade when flow is detected.

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My setup is a little different. I also created a routine to turn off the fun after 15 min of being ON (because my family also neglected to ever turn them off). So I only have the routine to turn the fan ON with humidity. They will turn OFF every 15 minute and turn back ON if humidity is still high

I have it automatically turn on:

IF (Dew point >= 58 deg) OR (Lights on > 2 min)

and they turn off:

IF (Dew point < 56 deg) AND (Lights off) AND (Fan on > 30 min)

So they flip on if you are in there for longer than two minutes and run for at least 30 min or until dew point drops and you have left the room. I used dew point instead of humidity since I actually care about mold growth which grows in water droplets. Dew point factors in room temp as well.