Controlling lights with motion sensors

Right now I am using the smartthings motion sensors to turn on/off homeseer wall switches. It seems like there is an inconsistent lag to turn on though. I bought the hubitat to see if a local hub would perform better, but havent gotten to setting it up yet. Is there any other combination of motion sensors/hubs that will reduce lag and increase the reliability? Or is there another way of doing this?

You are experiencing cloud lag most likely. Right now if you’re not a member of any betas then you do not have the local automation beta. When that feature releases, it will help this situation for you. (All of the devices you mention have way to setup local automation, you just need the feature enabled then to re-save the automations)

If it’s too problematic for you to wait for now, then use Smartlighting instead of automations to create the automation and if you’re using the default device handlers for both those sensors and the switches they should perform the automation locally on the hub. If you can wait - then when the local automation feature releases to GA it will do the same thing and Smartlighting wont be needed.

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FYI - I just installed a zigbee door sensor (Sengeled) to turn on my hall lights. I then used ST native automation to turn them off after being on one minute. So far everything is working and the turn on is near instant.

I do notice on the SmartThings website some say “execution location” as local while others say cloud. I didn’t do this purposely but is this really local operation of that device? Can I make it so all devices are local?

I do have a Hubitat but haven’t had the time to figure out how to setup. I was also considering buying the homeseer hun since all my switches are homeseer anyways

Local is a special animal in SmartThings speak.

You will never have 100% offline operation in a ST setup. The cloud is required for normal operation. But… If you use Smartlighting or the upcoming local automation then when automation actions happen, if they’re eligible they are triggered and act completely from the hub.

To do it, you need a device handler that is provided by ST, that dth needs to be marked as local capable (ZWave Switch is - and would work for your homeseer switches, theres also one that works locally for your SmartThings sensors.)

Then you need to use Smartlighting to perform the automation (it exists in the hib firmware) or the new local automation of rules API (you need to be on firmware above 35.x and enrolled in the beta)

Finally you need basic automation. Simple triggers like if motion then Turn on lights. Should work.

Dont expect to be able to open the app and turn on the lights if you’re offline (that would never happen) but if you had your motion rule setup as noted above, your motion sensor would absolutely turn on the light.

Does that help?

I’ve got two solutions that work. The first is an integral sensor/ switch, in which case the switch senses occupancy/Vacancy and the hub (and the cloud) are not required for it to work. The second is the AEOTEC MS on the ST hub and ZigBee devices. I think the execution is all local. There is a short delay, but overall ,this seems to work at turning all the lights on fairly quickly after motion is sensed.