Huegasm for Philips Hue Lights

Check out Huegasm which syncs your music with your Hue lights. While similar apps try to guess by listening through a mic, Huegasm works by analyzing your audio in real time which equates to a more accurate beat detection.

Huegasm is available on 3 platforms

Google Chrome (best experience - works with Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, etc…):



Since this is a forum for people using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, how would you integrate this with SmartThings? It looks like this post is just an advertisement for a random app which doesn’t work with the platform. What have I missed?

My mistake. This message board showed up when I was searching for “Hue communities”. My app has nothing to do with Samsung SmartThings. It appears that I’m not allowed to delete posts here. :confused:

No problem, it happens. Thanks for clarifying.