Hue Color + Music (Android)

I have downloaded Hue Disco, but I was wondering if anyone out there has found a different integration.

I use an app called light dj for my LIFX bulbs. I think they work with hue too.

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Hi there, I am new here.

I have my Philips Hue talking directly to my SmartThings.

Can I use apps like Hue Disco directly with SmartThings? Or will I need to purchase a Hue Bridge?

ps) I just bought the Hue today, i have not paired with SmartThings yet. I heard once you pair to a non-Philips Bridge, you can’t go back. So I’m hesitant to try. I know SmartThings can be used for ON/OFF/Dim functions, but how about “Dance”/Randomize/Colour Flow functions like Hue Disco.

Thanks and Much Appreciated!!

interested to know as well… anyone knows?