Hue Sync TV App control from within SmartThings?

Has anyone had any success controlling the Hue Sync app from SmartThings?

I saw back in April that Philips hue released a feature of the Hue Sync TV app that allows this but it seems to not appear as far as I can tell.

I have cases open with both Hue support and ST support but haven’t heard back yet so thought I’d ask here to see how others are going with it.

– More info on the feature –
Official media release: Philips Hue expands partnership with Samsung SmartThings | Signify

App release notes page: Philips Hue Support – Release Notes Hue Sync | Philips Hue AU

do you have a galaxy mobile device? :slight_smile:

  • With SmartThings, users can adjust the brightness of their Philips Hue lights, switch between Video, Game and Music mode, and even start or stop the light sync—all via their Galaxy mobile device without interrupting their show or gaming session.*

Nothing has been posted that I can find if it has expanded beyond the 5 countries it was originally available in.

to sum up:

  • monthly subscription fee or one time payment
  • galaxy mobile devices
  • Samsung Q60 series or higher QLED TVs manufactured from 2022 and up.
  • Philips Hue Sync TV app

I have accomplished this two different ways.

For one of my Sync boxes I use a Hue dimmer switch in SmartThings (added using the community Hue Edge driver) to trigger Alexa Routines to start/stop and increase/decrease brightness on the Sync Box. I then use some ST virtual switches to reflect the Hue Sync Box in ST.

As you can only have one Hue account in Alexa and I have two sync boxes, the second of which is on another Hue account, I had to get creative.

For the second Sync Box I have set up SmartThings Routines, virtual switches and the community Web Request driver to initiate commands through the Hue Sync API. It takes a bit to set up but I have got things working pretty well. I can:

  • Start/stop sync
  • Increase/decrease brightness level

I could add intensity controls but I never usually change that so haven’e bothered.

Again, I trigger commands for this box using another Hue dimmer switch.

I also use SharpTools to do some devices status syncing and display on SharpTools dashboards.

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Hey guys,
Thanks for your input on this so far! :slight_smile:

jkp - Yeah, that’s the app update I’m referring to and I can confirm that I do have a Galaxy device, and that the TV I have (2022 Frame TV) is included in the scope of the feature (according to the hue support team).
Unfortunately though, I still can’t see any controls in the ST app or smart things web portal yet for some reason :frowning:

Nezmo - Ah yes! The Sync Boxes seem to have had control enabled in-app for some time but the Sync TV App (an app installed on the TV that performs the function of the physical sync box) has not been advertised to support this up until this release of the hue sync app.
That said, I’m eagerly looking forward to implementing some automations and your post has given me some ideas! :slight_smile: