Hue Upgrade :)

Hey everyone. I’ve currently got 10 hue bulbs working with Smartthings, the first gen Hue hub, and Alexa. I’m about to throw a wrench in things and add a few more bulbs along with a new latest gen Hue Hub. What kind of trouble am I asking for? Does anyone know the best way to go about doing this with my current Hue system being integrated into Smartthings and Alexa?

The hue hub will migrate itself right offer for you, then you just ruin the hue connect app to bring in your new hub… Fairly simple.

But. Before you do anything, look in st at the current hub. Get the ip address.

Once you migrate in the new hub, pick the one with the ip you wrote down, and delete it.

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Wow, thanks. That seems really easy. I thought Smartthings and Alexa would flip when they saw the old Hub was missing

I have the original V1 Hue hub with 11 bulbs. Is there any big advantage to replace it with the V2 Hue hub?

From what I’ve heard. Apple HomeKit is the only difference. I only got it because I needed three of the newer, brighter, better color bulbs

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Uhhh, that was not what I would call easy. Got the new Hue bridge installed ok but after talking with a vey nice but not very knowledgeable person at SmartThings support, I was told all I would have to do to make the new bridge work in SmartThings was to simply remove all my hue bulbs and any automations involving the bulbs in the app. Once that simple task was complete I would be good to go!

So I did that and it’s now working and I’m currently rebuilding all my automations. So if any of my fellow SmartThings users are thinking of going to the new hue bridge I would say it’s not worth the trouble.

Holy crap! I did not have to do that at all. I plugged in the gen two hue bridge, used the hue migration tool, ran the hue connect app, deleted the old bridge in st, and haven’t looked back.

It literally took me 15 minutes.

Another case of ST support not having a clue.

Basically after setting up the new bridge with the Hue app I went to add it in the Smartthings app but when it went to search for a Hue bulb/Bridge it came back with incorrect username in the Hue connect smartapp. At that point support had no idea how to correct that issue except remove the Hue connect Smartapp which could not be done until all Hue related devices were removed from Smart Things. I change I did notice since the bridge upgrade, and maybe I didn’t notice it until now but I can create a lighting smartapp using color instead of just levels. It seems I cannot do this with a routine for some reason. Anyone know why?

I just finished the migration, the hue part is relatively easy but all the ST smartapps still attached the old hub which seems to have to be transfer manually.

Once you migrate your hue bridge v1 to v2, you will need to scan in the ST app to find the new v2 bridge. After that you can turn off the v1 bridge and remove it from the ST app and you should be good to go.

Thanks for the quick reply. When I tried to remove the old hub from ST, it’ll prompt me something like “are you sure, removing this device will remove the following smartapps”. I just went ahead to remove it anyway after seeing your message. However, it gave a an error saying this cannot be removed because something went wrong

Are you using a 3rd party app for hue? Or the direct ST connection?

No thrid party app, it’s added directly to ST, I use the classic app btw if it makes any difference