Are Hue Bulbs supported in V2?

I got the new V2 hub earlier this week and the first thing I did was to set up my Hue Bulbs (with the Hue Bridge). It was a really easy process, but nothing happens when I try to turn them off and on, change the color, or anything. The only response I got was using the Gentle Wake Up smart app set to dim 0-99% over 1 minute. About 40 seconds after running it the lights kinda flickered on to energizing white.

So, is this supposed to work? Do I have to do something more complicated than it seems? I’ve tried everything listed in the V1 support pages including trying to Uninstall (the app won’t let me, says “An unexpected error occurred”).

I emailed support but have not heard back for three days.

I’m using Phillips Hue, Lux, and Bloom bulbs with V2 Hub and haven’t had any issues (other than the occasional lack of response or wrong state showing in the app).

Are you trying to uninstall the individual bulbs or the Hue Hub?

I had to reset my hue hub when I got my V2 smartThings hub before they would work with smartThings.

So try to remove them from ST, reset the hue hub, setup the hue hub again, and then pair with smartThings. I don’t fully understand why, but it seemed to resolve my problem.

Thank you Jkimrey and Keo! I got them working after resetting the Hue Bridge.

If any body else is having problems uninstalling the Hue Bridge, you have to first remove each bulb by going to Things, select the bulb, and in the upper right menu choose Edit Device then Remove.