Is it possible to use a Hue Motion Sensor, connected through the Hue bridge, to control things other than Hue lights?

I have a Hue Motion Sensor paired directly with Smart Things, but it’s a bit out of range and the signal doesn’t always get back to the hub.

I have some Hue bulbs (connected through the Hue Bridge) that could help the signal along, but they only repeat the Hue network and the motion sensor (since it is connected directly to SmartThings) is not on the Hue network despite being a Hue device.

If I were to connect it back to the Hue Bridge, is there a way to use it to trigger other ST events not related to Hue lights? I think when I had it connected to the Hue Bridge before, the device didn’t show up in SmartThings with the rest of the Hue lights (which is why I decided to connect it directly to ST in the first place).

Not directly in that configuration.

You can use a Hue bulb as a proxy, so that you have the hue bridge turn the bulb on when the motion sensor detects motion, and then have smartthings events occur because that bulb came on.

So it all depends on the details of the use case.

I am relatively new to this but here goes.
I have ST, Hue bidge and light, Hue sensor
More versatile if it is paired to ST, rather than Hue, so may need to add a repeater somewhere.
I have the motion sensor working thru ST, NOT the Hue Bridge (can only be connected to one)
There is a ST handler called Hue Motion Sensor by Bogdan Alexe
Once installed, it becomes recognised by ST as a motion detector, and can be used in ST routines.
There is an App that will turn lights on when motion detected, and turn then off after a configurable time. However, if the light was already on, wont turn off. I have the sensor in the patio area. If there is movement, it will turn on patio light and inside light. After 5 minutes, will turn those light off (unless they were already on)