Keep Phillips HUE color after switch off?

I can control my lights with the phone and change of colors, however if someone “turn off” the lights using the physical switch the bulbs dont “save” the last color, its any way to keep the last color???

i haven’t used this yet but it sounds like it might do what you want.

i cant make it work .( in “which” device i dont hae any device :frowning:

There isn’t a good way to do it. The default is built into the firmware and Philips has stated they don’t plan to change how this works.

Osram has implemented a feature that lets you select the default, but it still isn’t dynamic like you want and you’d have to use the Lightify gateway.

In ST, you could try to write an app that stores the state, but the mesh doesn’t do a very good job of knowing when a bulb is turned off and/or turned back on; so it’d be hit or miss trying to recall that state to the bulbs. It could work well or take minutes to realize the bulb was turned back on.

That’s a shame :frowning: but thanks for the reply

So here is the easiest way I could think of, but it requires you to have a zwave or zigbee light switch and the superstate app. Superstate allows you to create scenes for hue within the smart things app. Each scene is represented by a virtual switch. Using the smart lighting app, you have the virtual switch turn on and off as the zwave switch is turned on or off. The virtual switch created by superstate then turns on/off the hue bulbs and sets their color to the scene.

notify with Hue can do this on a timer.
If there is anyway to take off the timer then there is your answer.
I have attempted this with no luck and still trying as this is a very handy feature to remind you if you left a door open and more

I have built an app to help you just with this

Hue Restore android app on google play store let you save and restore all Philips Hue lights in your home with single tap. You can do this right from home screen of your phone with convenient home screen widget.
You no more have to worry about those pesky power cycle resets because you can get back your favourite settings in a single tap.

Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards might come to assistance here.

I had the same problem. I solved it with a 99 cents (for two) clear cover over the light switch. It has a side that still allows you to flick the switch if need be, but will stop accidental switching. I also put the dimmer switches next to lights that are more convenient to turn on at the switch, rather than hunt up my phone (like the lights in the bedroom). Even better, the dimmer switch can be mounted right next to the regular switch (same approximate size), and is also portable (like a remote).

I have my hue bulbs programmed in Webcore. When accidentally switching the power, I lost the set secene. I simply wrote a simple piston that runs my hue pistons over again when the level of the bulb is 100%. Resetting the power will eventually set the bulb to 100% brightness. When the bulb comes online, the hub will find out and trigger. It can take up to 10s before everything is back to normal, but it works. (don’t forget to set all the bulbs >100% in the hue pistons)

I also tend to use it in less occupied rooms where I don’t find the need for a 40€ sensor or connected switch to trigger the always powered bulbs. It’s far from perfect, but it’s less frustrating than taking out your phone, open the app and change it manually. Wich inevitably takes equal time to do and defeats the purpose of automation.