BUG: Hue light automation doesn’t retain color and brightness

When I create an automation to simply turn on a Hue light, SmartThings sets a default color and brightness level, even though my automation does not have the option chosen to set brightness, color, or color temperature. So if the light was last set at dim blue, it will incorrectly turn bright white if turned on by the automation.

When the automation is configured to just turn the Hue light on, it should just turn it on, and not change color and brightness levels back to default bright white values.

SmartThings is completely capable of just turning it on without changing brightness and color values; if you go to the Hue light’s device page in the SmartThings app, you can can turn it on and off WITHOUT it changing the brightness and color values. This is the way it should work, and the way I would expect it to work in an automation if the only action is to turn the light on.

I just created an automation for one of my hue bulbs (by way of hue bridge connected to ST) and it turned on at the previously set color.

simple automation… at set time… turn on bulb

are you using a hue bridge or are the bulbs connected directly to the ST hub? Andriod or iOS? which version of the app? I am on iOS

report the issue to ST support in case there is a bug

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I have a Hue Bridge, which the bulbs are connected to. Then the Hue bridge is connected to SmartThings.

Running on iOS 14.6 on an iPhone 12 Pro. SmartThings for iOS, version 1.6.65

I already emailed SmartThings support, but in my experience they’ll just tell me to reinstall the app, which should have nothing to do with how an automation runs.

LOL!!! That is one of their STANDARD put off lines. Make sure you call them out when they ask for FEEDBACK!!!