Hue light- Different colors, Different alerts

I have a Color hue light in a common area. is there an app i can use that would turn on that bulb, lets say, red if the garage door is opened. blue if the front door is open. green if laundry is done. i tried using smart lighting, but there is no option to change color. or am i missing something?

The easiest way right now is to use IFTTT, because both smartthings and Phillips hue bridge have a channel. Super easy to set up. The only question is how much IFTTT lag do you have? It varies a lot from house to house. At my house it’s a pretty consistent eight seconds, which works for us. So for example we have a hue in my housemate’s room that turns blue when I open the front gate. Then it turns off again after I come in the house. If it stays blue for too long, he knows I’m probably stuck in the yard and he’ll come to check on me . (I’m in a wheelchair)

Alternatively, you need to look into custom code. I think core can probably do this. Core is a very powerful community created rules engine, but it’s pretty complicated to set up, and it might be overkill for this particular use case.

If you haven’t use the free IFTTT service before, the following is a good introduction:

Just keep in mind that Hue’s IFTTT channel will be offline on 10/12 and 10/13 for maintenance.

We’re making some improvements to the Hue Channel on IFTTT from 10/12-10/13. The update will take 24-36 hours to complete and requires that the Channel be paused. During this time your Recipes will not run.

We’ll post updates to our status page during the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the outage. Thank you for your understanding.
— The IFTTT Team

I am one of the people who uses this type of messaging system as well.
I have my lightstrip and bloom lights go green for a new text, blue for a voicemail, orange for a FedEx delivery and yellow for a UPS delivery (these last 2 are done via IFTTT’s Gmail channel filtering my emails for specific words).

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Did you miss the option in smart lighting to turn on and set level, turn on and set color ?

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As @RLDreams pointed out , as long as the device is recognized by smart things as a color changing bulb, there is a “turn on and set color” option in SmartLights.

That would fit some of the use cases you described, but maybe not the laundry is done. It just depends on the exact set up of each required notification. If the trigger is something that smartlights uses, that should work.

Missing details on how he would trigger that the laundry is done. Motion/vibration sensor, sound , power ? Personally I use "notify me when " to get push/sms notification when power is <5W . I don’t think that app has the option to notify with lights. SHM does have the option if he is using a vibration/motion sensor, but not for power meter.

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