Use IFTTT to control color without hue

I am trying to avoid purchasing multiple hubs/bridges/etc. so have thus far avoided getting anything from Hue. I have several OSRAM lights that control color, however I cannot set anything through IFTTT and SmartThings to control the color of those bulbs. I can manually change the color by opening the app, but not trigger a color change from any automated events. I would also like to see them flash a color and then revert back to the previous setting.

Has anyone worked on this yet? Is this coming?

Smart Lighting has color options and can be triggered in lots of ways. You can also use Rule Machine, which gives you a ton of options.

Neither one will let you flash a color, then revert back to previous though. That’s a popular request lately. I’m working on an alert/notify app that would enable that, but I haven’t started working on that feature yet.

Was really looking for a way to do IFTTT integration of color, trigger via SMS etc. I’m sure I could attempt to write an app to do the flashing, but I’m not sure about opening up the color change setting from SmartThings to IFTTT, anyone have any experience with that?

Virtual switches are your friend if you want IFTTT to trigger something in ST. I don’t expect ST to expand the IFTTT integration anytime soon, especially since most vocal people here use virtual switches to accomplish more advanced integrations.