Controlling Hue Lights colors at certain times

As usual…I figured I’d check here first, and have read all sorts of different options, but was hoping someone could just tell me the best method for what I’m trying to do.

I have a couple of hue colored bulbs outside my garage door. They come on around sunset with the smart lighting app within ST. I’d like for them to come on White, then when my Christmas lights come on at 5:30 for example, (20 mins later than sunset) one changes to red, the other to green. (At some point I’d like to discuss changing them more often) but then again when the Christmas lights shut off at 11:00PM change the color back to the white.

I can do this through ST and then using the philips app, but was curious if there is a better way to do it. I tried installing a DTH off here and changing them all through ST, but after that I wasn’t able to change the lights on/off in ST. Anyone have tips or tricks on the best method for this?

I DO have a philips bridge.

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