Hue kit + hue lux + light strip for sale

Sold to Ders.

My wife is tired of “those silly colorful lights” so unfortunately I need to sell my hue setup. I’ve been replacing them with cree bulbs so all is not lost! Rather than put this up on eBay, I thought I’d offer the community here a chance to purchase first.

I’m offering a hue starter kit with three a19 bulbs, a friends of hue light strip, and hue lux bulb for $200 through PayPal. Purchased separately this would run about $320.

Everything works great, and comes with the original packaging (Amazon no frustration). I did have one of the hue bulbs outside for about a week during Halloween, but the temperature here in Oregon was fairly mild averaging between 40°F and 55°F. It also should be noted that the 3M backing on the light strip is a little weak, but you should be able to mount with command strips or something similar.

Please PM me if you’re interested. I’ll ship usps priority mail after receiving payment. Hopefully it’s okay to post this on the forums? If not feel free to delete.

:smiley: PM Sent :smiley: