Hue integration won't add any more bulbs now, hits an error

I deployed about a dozen hue bulbs several months ago, got everything integrated with ST, set up a bunch of motion-triggered lighting scenes, etc. and everything has more or less been working ok with those.

However, I picked up two additional bulbs … and wanted to add them into the system. So, when I go into “Things”, and then select my Hue Bridge, and then go to the settings for Hue Connect (god this is a convoluted UI) I get into “discovery” mode … and sure enough, my NEW bulbs are showing there. But then I tap “Done” for it to commit that (so that I can start using those bulbs in actions and other things) and I get a red banner “Failed to save page: blubDiscovery” error.

I’ve reset the ST hub, the Hue hub, done all updates, etc. etc. nothing will make that error go away. I really do NOT want to have to completely uninstall all the Hue stuff and reinstall just to fix it … I’ve got so many rules and actions set up, it will take me hours to go through the UI and rebuild it all.

Thanks in advance for any help!

@toomer, buddy! Please request @April to move it to

We are tracking the same issue there as well. And please please open a support ticket.

i am having this same issue… any fix?