Hue extension bulb direct control without hue hub, appearing as thing?

Hi folks, apologies if this is in the wrong section. I have read elsewhere in the forum about pairing hue bulbs directly to the ST hubs without the hue bridge? The bulb appears listed in my device list as a ‘thing’ no control over etc? seems to me in very basic terms the bulb is being picked up by the hub? Is there a way around this or would i be better returning to the shop?

Thanks in advance

SmartThings support says that hue bulbs can only be used if they are connected to the hue bridge. That’s because if you do connect it directly to the SmartThings hub, you will not be able to reset the bulb again without purchasing an additional device.

That said, there are people in the community who are using Hue bulbs connected directly, and there is a community created device type that you can use.

If you don’t yet know how to use custom code, here’s the FAQ for that:

Again, though, once you have directly connected a hue bulb to the smart things hub, you will not be able to use it with a Hue bridge unless you do a factory reset first, and that requires an additional device.

Most other brands use a “blink method” for factory reset where you just turn the bulb on and off in a specific pattern and it resets itself. Phillips chose not to do that out of concern that a child playing with the switch might inadvertently reset the bulb. But it makes it more complicated if you try to use their bulbs without a bridge.


Another question i’m afraid. The bulb now appears as a ‘bulb’ with my other devices. problem is, it seems to be permanently in the on position and I can’t seem to control it at all? i presume its something fairly straightforward? Can anyone help?

Hello, I can see a lot of discussions and the community created device type for Hue bulbs, the ones with colors… But there is a bulb called:

Hue extension bulb (

I want to make it get controlled with ST hub directly, knowing the risk of not being able to easily factory reset it.

I tried to change device type to Zigbee Hue Bulb but it doesn’t work.

Were you able to control this buld and which device type did you use?

It looks like the custom device type is for the color one.


See this post and thread. The issue is most likely that for some reason ST isn’t sending commands to the correct endpoint. If you edit the devicetype and hardcode the correct endpoint, it should work.

If you need help with using custom code, just search the forum for “FAQ custom code” for a great primer.

Thanks Scott,

So, I created a new device type copied from the “OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W” and I changed all ${endpointId} with 0x0B… saved new device and assigned to bulb. Will try it when I Get home. Hopefully that is what you meant.


It worked :slight_smile: Just have to try to edit the device code to remove the things that my bulb doesn’t support :smile:

If anyone created a code for the phillips extension bulb, let me know.


Is there a way I can connect a white huge bulb directly to smart things it reads it as a thing

Can you walk me through setting up my Philips hue light bulb I’m new to smart things and don’t quite understand the custom code and how to implement it

Can you help me connect my Phillip Hughes light bulb 2 smart things I don’t quite understand the custom code can you give me step by step

See if this helps:

@sticks18 or one of the other community members can point you to which device handler to use.

I’m sorry I can’t help you with the specific code as I depend on text-to-speech software and I can’t work with code any more.

sounds to me like your legally blind, at least that’s my problem and that’s why I use text to speech but thank you for your time I’ll continue to look

I’m quadriparetic, use a wheelchair with limited hand function. So I rely on voice because I can’t type. I also do have some vision problems related to my condition.

You may have to get someone else to help with installing a custom device handler. The SmartThings screens are not voice friendly to begin with, and when you add code issues on top of that it can be very challenging. But everybody has different capabilities in this regard.

Believe me I know nothing about it, so you have already inform me with more then I knew before so you are a big help. And where would I put this code and how do you have any idea any information you can give me is a great help every little bit counts it will teach me what to look for and help me with my terminology.

If you read the FAQ, it explains how to use any custom code. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Hey quick question in regards to connecting the hue Iris (I’m assuming it’s the same functionality as the bulbs) If I connect it directly to ST, and since I own LIFX bulbs as well do you know of any smart apps or similar method (maybe via IFTTT) that I can control various scenes? Or am I better off getting the hub and not connecting it directly?

Thanks so much many. IMHO Smartthings should hire you to work for them!


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