Hue delay between bulbs?

I’m not aware of a published API for the Osram gateway – – do you have a link? :sunglasses:

If SmartThings eventually adds groupcasting for zigbee devices, that would probably help.


US and Canada and Australia:

Found it referenced in their FAQ here:

For some reason the API links are not loading for me, but the FAQ was referencing the cloud interface, not the gateway itself:

LIGHTIFY Home (REST) Cloud interface description

Links work for me but yes, would be cloud to cloud not local.

If you aim is just to trigger a few bulbs at once, then you can just use “Hue B Smart”, you can trigger a hue scene or group, and this is executed directly from the Hue hub so will be instant…

Also if you are triggering multiple bulbs make sure the SmartApp you are using doesn’t use a loop of any kind as that will show a similar impact…

But doesn’t really fix the issue being discussed here, and the source issue really needs to be fixed by ST, as hue is probably one of their main integrations! Not to mention triggering hue scenes is a work around for some but not all use cases.

I’m going to try some more troubleshooting tomorrow, probably wipe my hue hub and start again see if that helps… but would be good if someone from SmartThings could actually acknowledge that there is an issue here? Would be good to know if I’m wasting my time trying to troubleshoot?

I also notice that the hub update due this week was pulled, not sure if this is related or just coincidence…

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I am on and will stay on v1 ST hub. Have not seen any valid reason to upgrade to v2. But the hue interaction was much better a couple weeks ago. I’d still see some popcorning (i kinda like that term :slight_smile: ). But no where near this bad. It is so slow in the kitchen I can be to my fridge by the time they all come on almost.

What ‘grinds my gears’ is every time I start feeling confident with ST crap just goes down hill. I quit buying devices for months while they got the backend in line. Then like a month or two ago I started buying more devices, went to almost all Hue for my lights to get around that dang zigbee bug… now everything just slow. Thanks ST, once again I start talking up how nice your system is and once again I feel like I put my foot in my mouth.

So what you are saying is that you bought too many devices and it overloaded the ST network and broke it for everyone else! :yum: haha!

I too share your appreciation for popcorning!

At this point I wonder if its even a concern by anyone doing the real work. Having seen no change in the 2-3 weeks now that this has been an ‘issue’. Or is this more of their ‘we cant reproduce’ cause no one has more than 2 bulbs that troubleshoots for ST.

Have finally opened a ticket and I bet anyone seeing this issue to do the same. Unless we get a non trivial amount of tickets opened it tends to get ‘have you tried rebooting the hub/bridge’ from support. Maybe with more people getting tickets in the queue it wont get ignored.

Like mentioned above, Hue is one of their main interactions for most people.

As for changing apps to do something different… that was the point of me doing it the way I am. I have so far decided to go almost 100% ‘stock’ apps and DTH’s that are in the basic run of the mill marketplace for st. that way I am not battling with ‘is it rule machine or core causing your issues’ from support or anything else. So my automations are 100% SmartLighting based. I have a couple routines but those mostly just set mode or turn all lights off type of routines. I dont do anything ‘complicated’ outside of motion triggers with off after 2-5mins. So if their basic smartlighting app with the basic hue connect app cant give satisfactory results for a basic automation system, then theres major problems.


Wow, got a reply to the ticket that they are working on it. Not even ‘can you reboot’ Wow. Color me surprised.


Yeah me too, I’ve basically told them they can do whatever they want with my SmartThings to troubleshoot the issue… I’m hoping that perhaps the increase in volume may be making them take notice that this is a new issue…

More troubleshooting… no luck…

  • I have now reverted the app in SmartThings to the stock app (again)
  • I have also done a factory reset on the hue hub.
  • I’ve tried pulling the batteries on the ST hub
  • Reset the router and modem (I’m on 150Mbps cable over a Draytek router with no latency issues)
  • Deleted and re-added the child app with the scene present in case it had retained an old bulb before switching over…
  • I’ve also tried just using the “On” command rather than setLevel and I’m getting exactly the same issue.

@KevinH @TaimurAsad @a4refillpad - If you want to send my your support ticket numbers, I’ll add them to my ticket so at least they know they are linked if they haven’t worked that out already…

Guessing we are going to be at least another week of this…if not month. Real soon rolling into the Christmas holidays where offices empty out. Oh well at this point popcorn just seems normal amirite?

Last response I had was 2 days ago after providing all of my troubleshooting details, but basically said that they would pass it along and be in contact if they needed any more information or have any updates…

On that basis I would assume that it’s either just not high on their list of priorities or they don’t know what the issue is…

I’m just thinking of adding Christmas bell sounds to each light switch on and use it as a Christmas feature! haha! :smile:


I have the same problem with my Hue lights and ST. Been fine for months but a few weeks ago this delay started. Now each of my rooms that are activated by ST motion sensors have real long delays between each light coming on. My kitchen has eight Hue light strips and it’s painful to watch each one come on one by one! If activating directly by Hue switch or Alexa everything is instant. I’m using a Smart Rules app to control the lights as without going to Core this was the only way I could have conditions on my lighting but that has been working fine.

Getting pretty fed up with ST now tbh which is a shame as I have been such a fan of it. Lately everything seems to be going wrong, multi sensors stopping, motion sensors failing, poor lighting control. Today i’ve just been chasing around faults and I’m fed up with it. Seriously thinking about ditching all my motion sensors and replacing with the Hue’s versions.

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@andyjh can you please raise a support ticket, the more we have the more likely we are to get a fix, you can mention my reference as well #275327.

It’s definitely annoying especially when I felt the platform was getting more stable and reliable and then this happened!

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Yeah will do. Certainly is getting annoying now as it just doesn’t feel like fully developed platform!

Basically it’s not, don’t let the Samsung badge fool you, this isn’t a Samsung developed product, this was an acquisition. SmartThings was on kickstarter at the end of 2012 (4 years ago), 2 years ago Samsung acquired them.

I get the impression that the team is under resourced, and I’m hoping that the descision to start including the hub in the new TVs means that they are actually going to put more resource in to the ST platform… there have certainly been improvements although slow, i.e. State and. Scheduling issues have improved. But I’m certainly not recommending this goes on anyone’s Christmas list!

Out of interest how are your bulbs being controlled? Directly or via a Hie hub? If directly then this entirely narrows this down to how the hub processss and queues commands…

Three weeks in this thread alone… I know the issue has been around for at least 2 more beyond that. So yea almost 2 months of a bug… seems like even known bug from the ticket response I got. I know zigbee update has been hell, but the way they talk they have ‘teams’ where one group is working on firmware one is on devices. So I guess device team has been on the same 2-3 month vacation that the CEO took earlier this year eh.