Hue delay between bulbs?

Raised a support issue today on this, will let you know what I hear back.


Well I’m guessing we aren’t going to get this fixed before the new year. My ticket is a month old now, and I know it’s been easily 6 weeks maybe more that this has been an issue here. So I guess these bugs get addressed once a quarter. Just guessing that most people are taking vacation over the holidays… its going to be January, which will be 3 months of a bug. While its not a huge show stopper, its annoying. Like my ‘good night routine’ takes about 30 seconds to run and turn off all the bulbs as it goes 1 by 1 by 1. So walking into the kitchen, I get like all the way to the fridge before the lights fully come on, or I can beat ‘good night’ to the bed and under the covers before it completes.

Almost 3 months on this thread alone and still no change in behavior. I replied to my ticket asking for a status update but as expected, no reply. Ok I did email somewhat late on a Friday but I swear it was still in working hours. I got a reply to a ticket this morning but not to this one. You would think that Hue is probably one of the most important partnerships they work with and this has lingered for 3 months.

I’ve just asked for an update on my ticket too… lets see what happens…

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Now just saw someone complaining about the Mood Cube app doing this same thing. 4 months, I’d really like to see this fixed at some point.

I’d ask them to raise a ticket and post in here, at least we can track then…

I submitted a ticket as well. Has noone heard anything back?

I got a reply to my query last night. The support tech said

I don’t have any updates on the bug currently, but I can certainly mention it again to the respective people. We have an engineering ticket created about the problem and are continuing to tag people affected by the problem to it. Sorry again for the issue, I will make some more noise about it for you.

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I also received a similar update last night

Any of you have bigger Hue problems in the last few days. Not only popcorn effect but sometimes just not working, needing me to restart the Smartthings Hub to restore service.
Very similar to problems last year with hue only responding to direct via Hue app or Alexa but not from smartthings.

I noticed some longer delays yesterday/maybe the day before from me walking in a room and anything happening, but seems OK today and wasn’t every time…

Overall though even with the pop corn effect it’s a vast improvement on this time last year!

Cant say that I have noticed anything @a4refillpad . But like 99% of my automations are motion events and only after sunset. So during the day I only have 3 bulbs that always turn on, ie darkest areas of the house. And then at night it just depends on how much I move around. I haven’t seen anything abnormal that jumps out at me. I do get the occasional bulb coming on at less than 100% despite that being the automation, that if i let motion stop and then create motion again the bulb then comes on 100% even tho it was still on. But thats like less than 5% of the time to happen to me.

Just me then :confused:
I’ll raise a ticket.

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Thanks for reaching out!

That’s not good! I’m sorry to hear that your Philips Hue lights are not working as expected for you. The Philips Hue integration is still part of our SmartThings Labs projects, this means that they are not 100% integrated yet. So whilst they are not officially part of our Compatibility List they can still be added and work fine but errors could crop up.

Awful, we’ve been around this topic so many times now. Hue bulbs are plastered all over the smartthings website and still we insist that they are not officially supported.

They are on the official compatibility list, no mention of labs status.

@tyler if these are still in labs, that needs to be more prominent on the compatibility list. If they aren’t in Labs, support needs to stop telling people that they are.

edited because I just noticed support wrote “whilst”-- they might still be in labs for the UK. In which case support is off the hook for that comment.

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I have my hue lights routines in Alexa using scenes created in Hue. Although Smartthings does have all of the lights as things and I can see their status I do not trigger their states with any routines in smartthings. I still observe the popcorn phenomena and sometimes there will be a single lamp that does not respond at all on the first try but does on the second. So at least in my case, it is more of a hue issue. Lights that are controlled by zwave switches through smartthings and are activated with the same alexa routines as the hue lamps respond almost instantly.

Kevin is based in the USA though and has the same issue though, so the UK being in “Labs” is kind of irrelevant really, I just get the feeing the whole of the UK is a lab TBH, as we get left out of a lot HA functionality!

Although I can’t say I’ve had any issues like A4, so could well be something specific to him and maybe not even ST…


Yep, could be. I just hoped support to apply their skills, insight and to utilise their increased privileges to help me nail the problem. I’m definitely not expecting everything on the plate as I didn’t get to a large deployment overnight and have put a lot of effort in smartthings already.

I have also since been asked to delete my smartapps one by one to find the problem. OMG! With over 200+ devices and hundreds of rules and apps, I’m better off going elsewhere and starting again to be honest.

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Blah… looking like support is back to the boiler plate scripts again instead of actually trying to solve issues. 6 months of good support then 6 months of pisspoor support it seems.

Ive not had the issues you’ve had Wayne. I still have popcorning and just accepted it for now. As much as I’m bugged I dont know if I care to forgo this whole setup…which I guess is @alex goal at this point… Just good enough to make people not jump ship.

I cant see them being off the hook at all. Their UK website is inconsistent to say the least. This is on their main page for the UK.

Clearly shows Hue with the “works with smartthings” certification. Also the trademark shaped philips hue bulb appears in the picture above Things which mentions “compatible devices”.

How much more confirmation would a customer need before buying the kit?!
I think it’s outrageous to be told to look at another link to be told that “actually” it’s still not officially supported yet when you run into trouble. Almost as if you were stupid to think otherwise.

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