Lights are switched on with noticeable delay

I have 6 white Hue Bulbs. When I pair them to the Hue Bridge and a Hue Dimmer and turn them on they seem to go on all at the same time. But when I connect them to ST directly and write a simple Smart App to turn them all on there is a noticeable delay between the activation of the bulbs. I really can see how one after the other is turned on. The Device Handler I use is the “Zigbee Hue Bulb”. The command I use is simply “lights.on()” (were lights is the collection of all the lights - simple from the preferences of my app).

Has anybody else seen that and maybe know what to do to get all lights turned on at the same time?


There is an ongoing discussion about this problem on this thread New Hue delay

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Unfortunately, the mentioned thread doesn’t seem to be related to my issue. That thread is about issues with delays when you have the bulbs connected to the Hue Bridge as far as I can see.

My issue is with Hue bulbs that are DIRECTLY CONNECTED TO the ST hub.

Anybody having an idea what the reason for the delay I am seeing could be? Again, the bulbs are connected directly to the ST hub and I can clearly see how they get turned on one after another where I try to turn them on all at the same time.

Doesn’t anybody have an idea?

I think what you’re seeing is normal in smartthings. Smart bulbs often switch on in a staggered fashion regardless of type.

Do you think I can do anything about that? Is this a SmartThings inherent behavior? Or does this depend on the device handler I use?