Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Like all Osram devices.

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For now you could use z-way as a node. Not able to alter mesh.

I like Zway as a zwave mapping utility, but you need a controller stick to use it, right? (Or a Razberry)

Z-Way can run on different operating systems and host hardware but it will always require a Z-Wave.Me Z-Wave transceiver hardware connected to it and this hardware must be a valid license key to run Z

I use a raspberry and a gpio pinned z-wave unit yes.
Some kind of compatible z-wave modulet and a distro until ST come up with something.

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I had similar issues with a couple of RT56 RGBW can lights. Updating them to the latest Osram FW (0492) seems to have fixed it.

I assume there is no way to do that without a osram hub?

At this time, yeah.

And even if you have the Osram hub, if you’re using an android phone, apparently it’s near impossible to do, look at all the complaints on Amazon, the hub has a 2 star rating.

That is strange, I’ve had no issues using either os. The process isn’t fast but it’s the same on either ios or Android as I use both. I actually think the osram gateway is pretty good to be honest. Very quick and strong signal. You get additional features not available without it and also able to multicast commands. Shame we cannot just link to the gateway like the hue bridge. If we could then most of our issues would be solved.

They do have an API which they recently opened up.

I don’t know how feature rich it is or if it would even be a suitable replacement.

Also raised before…

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I’ve updated over 15 devices on Android.

As stated I’ve had zero drop off issues but decided to try the DTH and also introduce some osram bulbs. Within 24hrs I’ve had 3 random motion smartsense sensors drop off the network. Strangely enough the 3 motion sensors were the very furthest from the bulbs two floors away. Up until now not had any dropping sensors so it seems osram bulbs directly connected to smartthings (with latest firmware) is still pretty ropey.


But are your osram bulbs on the latest osram firmware?

Yes they are.


Ah, that’s a problem because the last post from the SmartThings engineer mentioned being able to reproduce this problem with an older version of osram firmware but not the latest version of osram firmware

With all the problems from OSRAM Lightify bulbs is there a timeline yet for when the OTA updates for OSRAM bulbs will be available through SmartThings?

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From what I’ve seen it would only solve the random switch on problem which is fixed in the latest osram firmware. Unless there is another even later unpublished firmware, it will not fix the smartsense sensor drop off issue.

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Yeah, I just don’t have the latest version of the firmware because I don’t have the hub (and don’t want to spend the money to update two bulbs). I’m wondering when SmartThings is going to enable OTA firmware updates for OSRAM bulbs so I can at least fix the random turning on issue.


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