Philips Hue Bridge updated to support Zigbee 3.0 smart light bulbs


(Glen King) #2

Does this mean Hue supports Cree bulbs?

If so, I will move the ones that have no local-required automations off the ST hub and over to Hue.

(John P. Hoke) #3

@Glen_King For the Cree Bulbs change them in the IDE to GE Link Bulb device type … they run locally that way no need to bounce around with hubs etc :slight_smile:

(Glen King) #4

John, the Cree bulbs also run locally in ST as SmartPower Dimming Outlets.

But I actually want two of them to run in Hue if possible, for the sake of redundancy. There are no automations to which they are subscribed that I need to run locally.

(Tony Fleisher) #5

The hue connected lights run locally now too, so you can choose setup suits your needs.