What runs locally on the new V2 hub?

I currently have:

  • 3 Hue bulbs with the V1 hub
  • 8 GE Links
  • 4 motion detectors to trigger lights
  • 1 door sensor that triggers lights
  • 2 GE in wall Dimmer Switches
  • As of tomorrow, Amazon’s Echo

Nothing really fancy. But using the V1 ST Hub, I get such a long delay in the evenings, it is becoming unbearable. They work great at 2am. I am assuming it is because the ST Servers are just over-loaded during primetime hours.

So, will I notice things faster with the new hub? Will my setup all run locally?

I think only lights run locally right now.
i have a few ge links, and 1 ge dimmer switch.
only local app I see is my ge dimmer switch. That works more reliably than version 1 (at least my guess). I think my motion sensor is terrible and I’m swapping it out for a ST gen 2 motion sensor.

The GE Links are bulbs and WiFi. I am wondering mainly about the ‘Triggers’ (motion and door). Since my bulbs are now local anyhow, it is the ‘Trigger’ smart apps that really run slow to the cloud at night.

Short answer: not much, yet.

Medium answer: a brand new SmartLights automation that includes only devices using a few specific official device types. Hues will not run locally.

Long answer: details here, including links so you can check your own account.

Note: if you realize that the lighting automation is not running locally for any reason, you cannot just remove that individual device or change its device type and resave that automation. You have to build a brand-new automation using approved device types.

Thanks for the info.

Yet another reason (for my use case) where V2 is no more advantageous over V1.

I use smart lights but pretty much everything else is community written device types…frankly, because they offer much improved functionality.

I realize lighting and smart lights is all that is currently supported; however, as that branches out I’m understanding that I’d lose functionality for the sake of local processing.

My internet rarely goes down and I have battery backup…think I’m good.