Best Way to Have Phillips HUE Lights connected to Hue bridge match GE dimmer settings?

(Aad4321) #1


I am looking to install a GE-ZWave Dimmer switch and looking to have 2 Phillips HUE lights to match the same DIM setting % on the switch. I also have the Hue Brudge linked to smartthings. Whats the best way to do this and possibly have the code run locally on the smartthings device?

(Jimmy) #2

Smart Lights app using the mirror function.


ONe word for you…WebCore.

(Jason) #4

webCoRE doesn’t run local. If you are using the official Hue integration then you can use the mirror functionality in Smartlighting and it will run local.


Hue is a local device type? I thought it was Cloud?

(Jimmy) #6

Was made local over LAN 2 or 3 firmware ago



So the connection to the HUE hub is also on local as opposed to cloud? How does that work? Are they detecting each other through UPNP or something?