Best Way to Have Phillips HUE Lights connected to Hue bridge match GE dimmer settings?


I am looking to install a GE-ZWave Dimmer switch and looking to have 2 Phillips HUE lights to match the same DIM setting % on the switch. I also have the Hue Brudge linked to smartthings. Whats the best way to do this and possibly have the code run locally on the smartthings device?

Smart Lights app using the mirror function.

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ONe word for you…WebCore.

webCoRE doesn’t run local. If you are using the official Hue integration then you can use the mirror functionality in Smartlighting and it will run local.

Hue is a local device type? I thought it was Cloud?

Was made local over LAN 2 or 3 firmware ago

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So the connection to the HUE hub is also on local as opposed to cloud? How does that work? Are they detecting each other through UPNP or something?