Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?

If your Hues are on the hue bridge, you can use the Hue IFTTT channel as well. So set up a virtual switch in SmartThings and then use that as the IF for your Recipe. That will also work with the echo/smart things integration. It’s one of the easiest ways to have echo blink your Hue lights, for example.

Depending on what you want to do though it can be a huge amount of set up work.

There is one cool option: you can match the Hue colors to a picture at a URL.

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The screenshots in this thread are from iOS. Does the Color palette button render in Android? I know the Up & Down buttons don’t.

Was looking at log events for your code and saw

groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script1446219109605156443044.zigbeeSetLevel() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [cc] @ line 296

A quick trawl and I found that this definition is missing from the code:

def zigbeeSetLevel(level) {
    "st cmd 0x${device.deviceNetworkId} ${endpointId} 8 4 {${level} 1500}"

Adding that in resolved the error. Thanks for the updated device code - works well on my Android device as well!



Thanks for catching that! I didn’t realize that was being called. I’ll update the github code.

Happy to help. The other fix I did was to remove the “unreachable” events which were spamming my Activity Feed.

Did this by adding “displayed: false” to all “unreachable” events e.g.

sendEvent(name: "unreachable", value: 0, displayed: false)


Good idea there too. If you know github, you can make a pull request and I can update the code with your fixes directly. Otherwise, I’ll make both later today.

Update: These changes were made as well as a fix for the main color tile when turning on and the previous color was White. Grab the updated code from GitHub.

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@Sticks18, i am trying to create the app from code, but I am getting the following error:

Oops!. Never mind. It’s a device.

Would this work with Hue Lightstrip Plus if it is connected directly to ST with no Hue hub?

Yes and no. It should be functional, but the color names/background colors may look incorrect because the Lightstrip Plus uses a wider color gamut than the Hue bulbs, particularly in the greens.

I’ve got the Hue Lightstrip Plus directly connected to ST with no Hue Hub and this works just fine. The gamut is restricted somewhat so I’ll take a look at @Sticks18 code to see what changes would be required to get full range.


You should have the full range available. The colors just should be inconsistent with what you pick in the color picker and in the names/background color of the main tile.

These still use the same 0-255 for available hue and saturation values, but they mean different things with the wider gamut. Some posts above I linked to the CIE chart with the gamut triangles to give you an idea of what’s different.

It’s possible we could get more granular color selection with either RGB values or XY coordinates, but we don’t have a good way of selecting those values from the available color picker UI.

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Any idea if the Bloom lights work directly with the device type you created?

Also, just to be clear since I haven’t gotten any bulbs yet - all I have to do is add the device type in the IDE before I pair it, correct?

I believe Bloom lights are RGB only, so they won’t work with any of the white color temp portions. You’d probably be better off with the Lightify Gardenspot devicetype. There’s an official version, but I have an updated version of it in my Lihtify repository on Github.

That should be all, but you may have to manually assign the devicetype to the device if it doesn’t automatically select the custom one. You can do that from the My Devices tab of the IDE. Click the device, then edit and you should see a drop down for devicetype.

At the moment, I have gotten the hue bulbs that are sold individually to connect automatically to my ST hub. I am able to control the color and intensity NO PROBLEM.

The issue is I have a hue bulb combo pack that came bundled with the HUE hub. The hue bulbs are not connecting to the ST hub. I do not want to have latency issues from ST Hub -> Hue Hub -> Hue. Is there a way to connect those bulbs from the combo pack with ST? I do not care about unpairing issues. Read through the thread and didn’t see a solution.

Thank you!

Those bulbs came pre-connected to the bundled Hue Hub. You’ll have to reset them before they can join ST. The reset procedure for hue bulbs must be done by a controller like the Hue Hub. Somewhere in the Hue documentation you should be able to find the procedure.

Another option is the Lutron Connected Bulb remote at Home Depot that can reset Hue bulbs.

Note: if you fire up the Hue Hub to do the reset, you may want to physically turn off your other ST connected Hue bulbs while you do it. Zigbee Light Link networks like Hue can “steal” bulbs from other networks. I don’t think it should happen automatically, but could save you some hassle to shut them off.


Yeah the bulbs that come with the Hue Hub are linked with ZigBee LL and cannot be paired directly with SmartThings unless factory reset. Annoying you cannot just reset the bulbs by powering them on and off a few times like most other ZigBee bulbs…

This is not the case for additional bulbs you buy though.

I bought a remote on eBay for £12, as described in this thread:

Good luck


Just unpaired them from the hub, and it seems like this is not enough? Still need the factory reset, which would require a remote? NUTS.

You can’t factory reset from the hue hub eh? That’s just… super convenient…


I highly recommend the Lutron Connected Bulb remote for that purpose. It can factory reset bulbs on any zigbee channel, which not all remotes can.

It’s possible for your ST hub to use a zigbee channel that isn’t part of the Zigbee Light Link subset because Zigbee HA (the profile ST uses) has a broader channel selection. Without a remote that can access all the channels, you might not be able to reset them from the ST network if you ever upgrade or change hubs. Might as well get the more flexible remote now if you’re going to reset bulbs.

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I’ve been playing with the other features of the Hue bulb, and I’ve updated the deviceType in a new branch on GitHub (enhanced features branch) adding a bunch of stuff that zigbee does natively in ZLL and providing greater flexibility. The additional custom commands can be called from custom SmartApps. I plan to create enhanced versions of other zigbee bulbs and a set of SmartApps to take advantage of the new features, so please let me know what you want to see.

See new thread for device here:


Hello everyone, I just brought a white hue bulb. I tried to link it direct to my ST but can’t get it to work. From what I see here no matter if the bulb is new, I still need the remote to get it working?