Hue Bridge - MOving from V1 to V2 without loosing SmartThings setup?

Hi everyone.

So with the V1 Hue Hub getting sunsetted soon, I’ve acquired a V2 Hub getting ready to migrate everything.

But I can migrate from Hue V1 to V2 and keep all the light app routines and setups in the SmartThings app, or does everything fall apart when moving from Hue HUb V1 to V2 forcing me to re-setup all the rules and routines in WebCore and SmartThings?

I have managed to migrate it, but made a mistake and ended up with two Bridges listed in ST some bulbs on each. But all works without any issue, no change had to be made with the devices in any scene or routine as I can remember.
The v1 to v2 migration is amazing from Hue. It is flawless.


Any update to this integration? I’m about to change over to the V2 Hue hub…is your system still working properly, or did you end up having to rebuild rules in WebCore and SmartThings?

It should be straightforward. And you should not have any issues with any of them when the bridge migrated from the v1 to the v2. Just follow the instructions.

I realize that I’m a year or so late but I’ve finally purchased a v2 bridge. I want to migrate the settings over from old to new and the website and instructions say how easy it is to ‘add a bridge’ with both devices connected to my router. That part is fine. However, I have a challenge with Hue apps on my phone. My current (old) hue app controls my v1 bridge but I must use the new hue app to control my new v2 bridge. Each app says I must use the specific app with each bridge type. That said, I cannot get past the ‘add a bridge’ process regardless of whether I start with the v1 phone app or the v2 app. I hope that makes sense. If I have to start over and wipe it all to start from scratch with my v2 I will. However, it is a more sizable task than I would prefer. Did the ability to migrate bridge settings go away as of April 2020?

To be honest it was a while ago when I migrated from the v1 bridge to the v2, and I cannot remember how was the steps, but it was straightforward. And I have no idea if the option has gone away or not, but I doubt, because it should be a LAN transfer between the bridges. So I Googled a bit and this Reddit topic came up as one of the results, it has a link to some instructions as well. Have a look and you will be able to sort out the transfer.