Hue Direct connect to V1 migrating to V2

I can’t seem to find anything directly related to Hue devices that were connected directly to Hub V1 (no bridge) and the migration to Hub 2. I’m hoping it’s possible? I have the strips lights and had them connected to my V1. (This was before I got a Hue Bridge… haven’t attempted to move them from ST V1 to the Bridge)

Are we going to be able to move the direct connected Hue lights from V1 to V2? I’m hoping since they were reprogrammed to be recognized by the ST technology that migrating them won’t be an issue.

I’ll be in the same boat for for a couple of devices at least.
The issue is that Philips did not include a way to reset the bulbs by power cycling as other manufacturers have. I’m assuming that unless ST added touchlink reset capabilities to the hub, the bulbs will need to be reset to factory settings using a ZLL remote such as the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote or using Raspbee/deCONZ before they’ll pair to the new hub.

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Is it possible using the serial numbers? I had an issue once early on with my Hue hub, and after having to pull bulbs from hard to reach fixtures I entered all the SNs into my phone.

Not sure how the direct connection works since I’ve never used that method.

The bulbs will still be looking for the old network. I would assume that the new hub would have a different network ID, address and network key than the old, so the bulbs wouldn’t even know to talk to it. Even if the new hub had the Zigbee ID’s for the bulbs, they won’t respond as they aren’t listening.

I see. I was thinking you could steal them with the Hue app using the SN instead of touching each bulb with a remote, but it looks like you’d have to leave them on the Hue hub.

Well, a major issue is the channel: many (most?) ST hubs are not on channels that the Hue hub transmits on. Once the bulb is on one of those channels, it needs to be reset before the Hue hub can talk to it or steal the bulb.

@mitchp do you know if a remote like the Lutron Connected will steal bulbs on non-ZLL channels? My hub uses a non-ZLL channel and I’d like to directly connect a Hue, but don’t want to permanently lock it in to that hub.

From what I can tell, you can reset a bulb that’s on any ZLL or ZHA channel. So if you have the remote, there’s no worries about it getting stuck. It’ll reset it to factory defaults.

My GE Bulbs do not work either. I’m hoping I’m missing something on those because they were 20 a pop and there were no disclosures about adding them. The light strip I’m going to continue to research. There has to be a way to fix them. I just assumed they would have ported from one hub to the next. My bad for assuming :frowning:

GE bulbs can be individually reset with the blink method. After that you should be able to either connect directly to the V two or to another hue bridge.

Phillips does not provide a way to individually reset bulbs. But the Lutron connected bulb remote apparently will do it, which is really cool. I’ve talked to several people who’ve been able to reset hue bulbs and friends of hues connected to a bridge.

But I don’t know if you can use the Lutron remote to reset a hue device that was directly connected to smartthings. That’s a pretty unusual situation.

You should be able to pick up the remote at Home Depot, so you could return it if it doesn’t work.

Let us know either way.

So this was weird. Very weird. I went into the Hue Bridge and there was an option where I could add via the serial number. I used the serial number from the lights that were direct connected to my v1 hub… and… BAM… they connected to the Hue Bridge. I am not questioning it at all. I have no clue how it happened but it did. Hue snatched it from the ST bridge and added it via the serial number. I just cant get ST to recognize it on the hue bridge. I’m somewhat ok with it right now because I at least have control of it via the Hue App. But if ST can talk to the Hue Bridge then why can’t it see the strip lights.

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On a lighter note… ST supports PG only so no “strips” whatever kind. :wink:

The new question is I appear to have some orphaned devices in my liar. She hue light strip being one. I can’t go in to the IDE to remove it because it crashes. Big error page comes up. Any way to clean these up. I have a few.

Can you delete them through the IDE?

No. That’s where the error spawns.

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Mon Sep 21 02:36:08 UTC 2015

Hit up they will get ya sorted. Sorry about that :frowning:

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hide that gif… now! Don’t give away trade secrets. I tell my staff on a daily basis that if our customers knew step 1 for tech support we would all be out of a job.

Step #1 - Reboot the PC

I read @tyler suggesting somewhere that the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote can steal back/reset some connected bulbs including the hues and family? I went looking for that remote in 3-4 Home Depot’s in my area but no luck finding one even though the site shows they had 5-6 in each of these stores but didn’t list a SKU. The employees there didn’t have any clue what I was talking about.

I wanted one 'coz my GE links occasionally drops/disconnects from ST land and I hate doing the resets when turning on/off’s don’t work.

I just returned one of those remotes (it comes on a punch card… not in a box) I bought it thinking I would need it but never needed it to fix my hue.