Hue back lit house number sign


(Mike Maxwell) #1

Amusing backlit house number sign I built.
I hacked up two HUE light strips, one around the perimeter, and the other in the center.
All packaged up in an HOA friendly "box"
Wife loves creating the various “themes”

Construction details…

Your most creative use of HA Tech?
What does your ST installation consist of?
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Lightify RGBW strips questions
(Tim Slagle) #2



@ben, i think this needs to be faetured on the blog… jus sayin

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Thanks!, just wait for the 84" 4K ceiling suspended, arduino/thing shield controlled, TV lift to go live…

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #4

Very cool street number project and I’m looking forward to the results of your TV lift!

(Ben K) #5

Okay… That’s really, really cool. :smile:

If you did that with a street number sign, I can only imagine what the TV is going to look like…

(Mike Maxwell) #6

Most recent video is here: You tube Video…
Static pics are here: Lift archive…

It should be hanging from the garage ceiling with some weight on it this weekend…

(Tim Slagle) #7

Ok, so i hate you for making me want to build one of my own… But love you at the same time for making me want to build one of my own…


(Mike Maxwell) #8

ha, well, if-in i coulda bought the mother, i woulda…

GO FORTH AND BUILD!, that’s what makers do!

(Tim Slagle) #9

If i start another project i think my fiance will murder me. I like living. haha

(Travis) #10

That tv lift is on another level!

(Mike Maxwell) #11

Fun stuff, thanks for the compliment!

(Travis) #12

any video of it working with the tv mounted?

(Mike Maxwell) #13

couple yea…
first one shows the TV moving out of the way when the echo is commanded to turn on the fireplace.


It’s not the quietest thing in the world, might work on that if it ever needs to come down for maintnence…

(Brian Engel) #14

Mike, can I see the construction details of this? Looks like you had them shared at one point but now they aren’t there anymore.

(Mike Maxwell) #15

Not much to it really, bit here’s what I got:

(Brian Engel) #16

How did you wire it in to your house? Did you tap in to one of the existing runs for your external lighting?

(Mike Maxwell) #17

these are hue light strips, they have their own controllers, this sign contains two independent strips, each connected to a separate controller.

(Brian Engel) #18

I meant to provide the power to the lights.

(Mike Maxwell) #19

ah, in my case there was an outlet in the garage immediately behind the location I placed the sign.
So I drilled a hole through the exterior wall…