Monster TV lift

(Mike Maxwell) #1

I’ve a few posts here and there about this bad boy.

Anyway, what to do with the arduino and SmartThings shield…

How about powering this:
TV lift testing, with actual TV weight.

Some build pictures

This whole contraption bolts to the back of the TV.

Currently it’s an outlet in my harmony hub for the TV activity.
It’ll get a work out over the next few days as the TV goes on and off…

The wife has suggested this be completed for the Thanksgiving party we’re having, so it needs a good workout before I hang an 84" 4K LG off the thing…

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(Matt) #2

Nice work! Can’t wait to see it in the living room!

(Mike Maxwell) #3

And, it’s done.
Few cables left to terminate, but done and working!

(Kyle ) #4

@Mike_Maxwell Id love to have your input on my post as ive just been directed to this and love it