Lightify RGBW strips questions

Hi folks,

I’m looking at maybe doing a version of the really cool Backlit house number sign project using the Lightify strips (this was one of the first WAF factors she went “COOL!” for).

Is it possible to setup the lightify starter pack so that there are 2 of the 3 strips showing one colour, and the third showing a different color? Or does that really need two different strip sets?

Also, I see Lightify sets by Osram and Sylvania, are they the same product just sold under different brands?

(In case anyone hasn’t seen, or has forgotten the house numbers)

Osram and Sylvania are the same company. In 2016 they started shifting back to using the Sylvania name again instead of Osram for some lines.

Osram Sylvania Inc. is the North American operation of lighting manufacturer Osram. It was established in January 1993, with the acquisition of GTE’s Sylvania lighting division by Osram GmbH.
The company produces a wide range of lighting products for home, business and automotive use. It sells its North American products under the Sylvania brand name and uses the brand Osram in the rest of the world.

You’d have to have to separate controllers for the Lightify strips and I believe the Hue strips as well to have two separate colors. You should have a look at the LIFX Z strips, my understanding you can use their app to have different colors on the same strip.

Thanks @dubbedout, it looks as if that’s going to have to wait for a bit. Priorities <sigh>