Hue lightstrips behind 65 in TV

So I recently upgraded from a 46" to a 65". I had one Gen1 lightstrip on the back of the 46" which im not removing. Yesterday, I bought the newest gen lightstrip and one extension to put behind the new 65". TV. Those with larger TVs and lights on the back, do you go all the way around, or only cover the top and sides, and how far or close form the edge did put them? If you have any picture to get ideas, it will help. Thanks!

we have a 60 and I went all the way around, looks so much better coming out from all sides. Quite a bit was needed though. I used LIFX this time and am very happy with it. We have it about 1/2 inch in on each side.

Isn’t there a separate system that reads your screen info, such as what’s coming from a cable box, and adjusts the colors of the light strip on the edges to sorta ‘extend’ your screen out onto the wall? I’ve always been curious about that…

I think you can use an app for Kodi I saw on youtube, not sure out of the box what there is. I know I can do the music virtualizer stock but that is completely different than what you are talking about…

I think you are talking about the Ambify technology which I think never made it in the US. I am not sure, thats about the only thing that I heard out of the box

Do you have a picture to show what it looks like?

It would be easy to get a pic of what the light looks like from the front, not so much from the back as I would have to pull the TV down from the wall and the Christmas tree is in the way :slight_smile:

thats what i meant, sorry. i want to see the front of the tv with lights in the background. LOL

no worries, will do tonight when i get home.

he is a pic my wife took… it isn’t the best pic and it is off to the side but it gives you the idea.

I used the Hue Light strips and very happy with the results.

1 - How do you mount the strips to the TV? Did you use the doublesided tape?
2 - Is there any device that will sync the lights with the TV show you are watching other than using the phone?

I used the double sided tape for mine. There are a couple of apps that use your phone/tablet camera and use that to change your hue lights color to match the screen content. I have seen a few videos, but I have not tried it myself.

I used the double sided tape but we moved the strips around from behind the couch, to under the cabinets, before finally deciding on behind the TV. The stickiness was almost gone by then. I still used it but put a piece of scotch tape across the strip about every 6 inches just to make sure it holds. it worked great and you cannot tell the tape is there.

That is super awesome, but way to complicated!