Hub Z-Wave radio resetting?

I’ve saw this ing my logs, looks like my zwave radio is resetting. Why?
I’ve been having problems with hs-ws200 switches locking up or not recieving messages.

oh shit! ive had this happen SEVERAL times and even let a tech have a look at the logs. this would happen when i was apparently pushing the limits with 300 devices. the only fix was to do a hard reset and start over.

Contact ST support before doing anything drastic such as resetting your hub. Let them investigate the issue. :slight_smile: just my opinion.

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agree. but if resetting hub was only fix, it would be with a new ST hub or perhaps the hubitat sitting on the table still in its box.

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the interesting thing is after the reset everything would work like it was supposed to until 300 devices again. at the same time as the zwave radio resetting i was having trouble pairing the monoprice motion-temp-humidity sensors. if they would pair they wouldnt pair completely and it would be under a generic driver and not the custom driver. was aggravating as all get out.

is this a 200 or 250 series v2 hub?

i imagine 200 series, bought when it first released.

I have also been having problems with 2 double fibaro switches for a week.
It is a hub v3.

They stay when it seems offline, they work with authorizations but they do not update their status, nor are they well managed from the app.

I had never had a problem with them.
The zwave repair always shows fails the switches and it is useless to repeat it.

interesting cause that is the same 200 series that i had the problems with the z-wave radio resetting, too