V2 Hub, 56 zwave items, half offline, please help!

Hi, I have a V2 hub and have lost half my devices. The devices I have lost show offline. I have done zwave repair prob 10 times and have done a power down of the hub several times with no fix.
Any suggestions, please, the WAF is very low right now in my house because of ST not working right.
Thanks in advance!

I have to ask - did you remove the batteries from the v2 hub when you powered it down? How long did you leave it powered down? Try for about 10 minutes if you only did a quick power down.

Two other things to try, but doubtful, reboot the hub in IDE. Perform z-wave repair in IDE and watch the event log there for any errors.

Contact ST support and let them investigate.

Thank you for the reply. I did remove the batterie during the power down. I have tried zwave repair on the IDE and every line was an error message on most of the devices that show off line.
Does pushing the reset button I should try? or does that mean a total rebuild?

Ill try reboot thru IDE.

No, do not reset. Contact ST support. Calling is generally the quickest way if it is available in your region. You can go to menu in the lower right of the screen, click on Settings (cog icon) and select Help. You can either contact them through the app or find the phone number for them.

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and you said you ‘ran a zwave repair’ what were the results? It’s not a fire and forget weapon…

I was having this problem as well, as several other issues. Finally after NUMEROUS zwave repairs it appears things have connected again, and have stayed that way for at least a few hours

I get error messages on the devices that are not working.
Something I noticed, is there are several “unknown devices” in the route, could that be part of my problem, the signal never makes it to the device. and if so how to fix it.

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Yep I’d almost guarantee it’s your issue. Zwave is a mesh communication network - and bad routes mean bad comms. I can’t tell you what caused it - but it’s a simple enough fix.

First read through all of your routes and find (make a list) all the network IDs of ‘unknown devices’ you find in any route. You’ll probably find them in ‘broken devices’ and you’ll probably notice a trend on the devices that are giving you trouble. These are ZWave ghosts - devices that were improperly removed from the network but your ZWave network (controlled by your hub) still thinks they exist. The devices keep trying to communicate through them and - …you see the result.

First step is to delete the ghosts. Your hub will try to do this automagically every few days but you may need to help it out if you want it back up anytime soon.

Get all the ghost IDs. and either - call support and ask them to help OR - do a quick search on the forums here for ‘remove ZWave ghost’ The key when performing the procedure you find - is you MUST remove the ghost device with the mobile app - not from the IDE else the ghost wont be deleted.

After you remove the ghosts, re-run the ZWave repair (repeatedly, with about a 30 minute break between runs) until it comes back clean.

THEN wait about an hour for your network to settle - and test.

I will try that.
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my post!!