Hub won’t connect

I know this is the wrong place but it is extremely difficult to contact Smarttings. I have a smartthings hub which will not connect for a reason at your end i think.+

I have attached a pic of hub. Could you pls pass this matter to the correct dept/person so i can connect my gear

Thanks in advance

Andy Stafford

This forum was created a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with ideas and questions about the home automation platform. It’s not an official support channel and it’s not monitored by smartthings staff except for spam and harassment. So it’s not going to help get you in touch with any smartthings employees.

It can be frustrating, but the best thing is to use the official support channel at the bottom of the following page:

If that doesn’t work, try posting on the Facebook page. At least that one gets read by Samsung employees, although they may be in marketing.

I wish we could help you more, but we’re just other customers.

Thanks JD

They r bloody hard to contact lol

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Can you describe the issue? What country are you in?

Not sure what country the OP is in, but the hub in the picture is a North American model, not an EU/UK model. :thinking:

Yep but if he is in another country… just checking.

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Im in the uk but had the Hub connected at my old address, it took a lot of doing and im sure Samsung?Smartthings had to do something at their end

Hope this helps lol

Looks identical to my UK models. Does the North American model have the CE mark?

Yes, hubs for both regions have both the CE mark and the FCC license.

Is yours the same model number as the picture? STH ETH 200?

My understanding was that the first generation of the UK hubs had one of the following two model numbers


All three of my hubs are STH-ETH-200.

Well actually one doesn’t have a label but it looks the same as the other two.

And they’re on the 868.4 zwave frequency? :thinking: because the official Z wave certification has the other model numbers.



Yes they are definitely UK hubs. I used to use Z-Wave.

You’ll see the same serial number on Amazon UK and eBay for many items. Googling around it seems people have been baffled by the model number for years. I think the Z-Wave chip on the label (ZM5304AU) might also be a North American one.

As my first hub came out of a kit in 2018 I was surprised it wasn’t the second gen V2.

Update: This is from the User Manual lodged with the FCC for R3Y-STH-ETH200.


Note the last line CE version contains M/N: ZM5304AE.

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