Hub went offline today (11 April 2023)

HUB V2 went down around 12:50 eastern time. I came home 5 hours later and found it has a red led light. Rebooted it, changed ethernet cable and rebooted router. Still same red Led. Did the new firmware brick my hub?

I started a ticket with ST support. They are escalating.

There’s an outage right now

Although a red LED doesn’t sound good. I’d wait until the outage clears and then try a power cycle.

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Interesting. Thanks for the link. I checked earlier and didn’t see anything there. I just saw they were rolling the firmware update.

I don’t think that outage was reported earlier when I called support.

Same here. Was offline from around 4pm BST (couldn’t work out the exact time) and the SmartThings Status page was showing as no issue until at least 10pm BST. Logged a ticket. My v2 hub has a flashing blue light and is still offline this morning at 07:30 BST Apr 12, but I haven’t had chance to power cycle it yet. Will try that shortly.

I see that the status page has been updated but the incident resolved as “no noticeable impact to users”.

I’ve now rebooted the v2 hub and it’s still offline. I can’t ping it either which is odd. Looks like it has a working network connection to the switch (Ethernet activity lights are normal) but it’s not appearing on the local network when I scan all my network devices.

Seems an unlikely coincidence that this hub has stopped working as SmartThings are rolling out firmware updates?

I love how the status says : Resolved - This issue was opened with an abundance of caution, but upon further investigation it was determined that there was no noticeable impact to users.
Apr 12, 01:55 UTC

I rebooted and still have a red led light. My router shows no link light either.

try powering off your ST hub for several minutes. reboot your router as well.

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Yeah, I did that a few times.

Hub powercycled several times, but rebooting the router did the trick. I don’t know if the firmware update caused the router to hiccup, or whether it was in fact a coincidence. I hate having two problems at the same time - a real pain to troubleshoot.
Thanks for the help!

Just curious… how many Edge drivers do you have installed on your hub?

Not sure I have any? I’ve only ever used the old Groovy IDE and I have three custom Groovy device handlers installed and then a bunch of standard devices connected. I’ve yet to delve into the Edge stuff. How can I check?

to see how many Edge drivers are installed (if you didn’t install any… the migration probably did a few)… you can open the hub in the ST app, tap on the 3 dots and select Driver if it appears in the pull-down menu.

You may want to consider the following community developed tool (or CLI) in place of IDE going forward: SmartThings API Browser+ ... Now Available to All

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Thanks for that link for Life after IDE - I shall take a look later.

Drivers installed: 4 (Zigbee motion sensor, contact, switch, and ZWave Switch)

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JKP suggested soft reset worked!