Hub V3 Setup ok but does not show on app S9

Bought new V3 hub setup on app . setup ok tapped done. Hub goes to room as unknown device. then disappears completely. On user website hub is registered. Added a lock with room . Now lock is not in room but works. The app seems not to work on my phone (SM-G960F/DS).
Have informed Samsung Support of this, but no reason given (5 months )

Just curious and I may be completely off track…

What country are you in? When you login to IDE at what URL are you redirected to?

Second thought - how many locations do you have in IDE?

Australia directed to
one location. Samsung Australia Know of my problem , but seem not to care.

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Your location is in an incorrect region. If you sign into the IDE at you’ll see that your location is listed at<locationId>

For Australia you want your location to be at<locationId>

I would recommend factory resetting the hub, checking that the hub is gone from the IDE, create a location at, then add the hub to that location in the mobile app.

deleted hub and factory reset. made new location(apnortheast2) , deleted old location.(useast2). opened app resetup hub. tapped done. same thing hub in device list unknown device no room . now its completely disappeared againfrom app. just like before. and is on website . Hub has green led on

now nothing adds to app . tv, lock . thanks now its worse

now all have disappeared from IDE website . this has been very helpful.

Should I shutdown smartthings membership and start again . why is it doing this to me,