Hub v2 showing offline in app

Hi, this is my first post and I’m also fairly new to smartthings. I have a few devices connected to my ST app on my note 20 ultra (smart plugs etc) and all are working great.
I’ve just bought a yale smart lock so read I needed a smartthings hub so bought a v2.
I’ve added it to my account and initially it said the code I entered was already in use so I followed a guide on here and did a 2nd reset and it accepted the code and all connected fine.
The issue I’m getting is despite showing as connected on my app (new snowflake design) and having a solid green light after a few mins it shows offline.
Not that I know much about it but I’ve connected to the smartthings home page and logged in and all my devices including the hub are showing online.
If I reset the hub it shows online in the app for a short time then offline again.
Could anyone please assist me with any help? Thanks



Thank you for the quick reply, at least it’s not me doing something wrong!

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