Hub V2 Keeps losing Connection

I have two hubs, a V1 and a V2, on the same network. The V1 hub will lose its connection periodically but will almost always reconnect on its own. The V2 hub looses connectivity much more often and does not reconnect automatically. I have to power it down/up before it will reconnect. Are others having similar problems, and has anyone found a solution for it?

First, this sounds like you have a network problem since both are loosing connections. Are they loosing connections at the same time? Either way for me, if my V1 lost connection it would reconnect automatically, the V2 has not had that option yet outside of me forcing a disconnect to repair ZigBee network.

How is your network configured? Did you assign static IP’s for the Hubs?

could be a dhcp lease problem and an incompatibility with your router… check the router to see when the lease is up and if it is not getting a new ip… If this is the issue assign a static ip for it.

Agreed, I ran into this problem with a friend of mine and his ST system that I was trying to help him with. Mine did not have the problem, but I assign anything that is not coming and going in my network to a static IP. Servers etc.

Guys I cannot read this until you stop typing lose, losing, and loses the right way :smile:

Support can generally help troubleshoot things like this as well, but I love that the community is helping too.


The past few weeks i have noticed massive delays and devices not responding. Support notified twice, but only responded once but never responded again. Hub will havev green light but not respond until the reset button is pressed, seems to work a few hours then degrade. I have no isses with any other equipment or with my old v1. Bad unit or is st working on issues in the background? The poor support, issuing and notification of updates is fustrating. They really make it hard on a marriage…

Do i need an rrma on this unit?

Did they ever find the problem. I’m having the same issues. Just disconnects then reconnects constantly