Hub v2 easy transfer yet?

I am really want to get the new hubv2 but I don’t want to delete all of my devices and transfer them. When will there be a transfer tool that I can use to transfer my devices and smartapps.

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“Coming soon” per ST

[quote=“jkidd2698, post:2, topic:29664, full:true”]
“Coming soon” per ST [/quote]
You forgot the ‘wink’ smiley :wink:

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I doubt we’ll see this anytime soon. What many have learned by having to start over is there are so many improvements and better ways to set things up then when they first got started.

I’d recommend doing it manually.

I don’t think we will ever see a migration tool.

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Remain positive boys, developer conference last month indicated year end or there abouts. I’ll switch to V2 as soon as that happens even though local processing is still in its infancy. :sleepy:

Well, here we are in mid January 2016. Any word yet on a migration tool? I really wanted to upgrade to v2 over the Holidays, but given the comments I am seeing about v2, perhaps I would be better off waiting until next Christmas to even consider it. It could be the delay on the migration tool is actually a blessing in disguise saving me a great deal of grief and frustration.