Hub V2 + Cree connected bulb + Smart lighting app?

I am trying to create following automation and it does not seem to work properly.

When I select Arm (Away) and if the time of the day is after 5 PM then turn on cree bulb and turn it off after 7 AM in the morning even if smartthing hub status is Arm (Away) or turn this bulb off when hub’s status changes to Disarm.

I tried creating various rules under Smartapps (Smart lighting) but nothing seems to work. I have tried following

Which light do you want to control
Cree bulb

What do you want to do
Turn On

Select Trigger
When Mode changes

Turn on when mode changes to

Also turn of when mode changes back

Only during a certain time
from 5 PM to Sunrise

Only during certain days of the week

Only when mode is

I am not sure what I am missing here or doing it wrong, will appreciate any guidance to get this working.

Smartthings uses the word “mode” to apply to two completely different things.

The original mode is a “behavioral filter” like home/away/ and is used to control when routines and smart apps run. That’s the one that is referred to within SmartLighting. You access your modes under Location in the mobile app.

Then there are the armed states for Smart Monitor: armed away/armed home/disarmed.

At the present time, the SHM armed states are not an option in Smart Lighting.

They are available as either a “if” or a “that” in the custom smart app, rule machine, if you want to use that one instead.

But your current logic is based on changing the location mode, not changing the SHM armed state. So that’s probably why you’re not seeing the results Results you expect.

First thing I notice is the last part. “Only when mode is” means that it will only run when the mode is set. You are detecting the mode changing to away but if it is set to run while away, you miss the mode change.

That may just be it.

As JDRoberts has mentioned, this also doen’t tie into the SHM state but the routines help pull those together.

If you want to be really specific like this, I would recommend Rule Machine w/ triggers where you can also pull in the SHM state as a trigger / rule.

Thanks guys for the clarifications , really appreciated. I will give rule machine w/t a try .

Hi Guys , I am back.

First of all thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I managed to install rule machine with Tigger and hv configured one rule for arm state to turn on Cree bulb and another one for disarm state to turn bulb off.
Out of these two rules, rule to disarm the system is working as expectedly however to arm / turn on the bulb is not working as expected.

I have configured rule as follow:

Define trigger: SHM state becomes Arm (away)
Define Conditions: none
Select Actions: On – Cree Bulb
Only during a certain time: 5 PM and 12.30 AM EST
Only on certain days of the week : Mon,tue,wed,Thu,Fri,sat,Sun

In the above rule when I arm the system and if time of the day falls into above certain time of the day then bulb turns ON but if I arm my system any other time then bulb does not turn on automatically after 5 PM.

In nutshell , I want to get this rule working such a way that if I arm my system say for an example at 3 PM and at 5 PM if system is still armed then turn on the cree bulb.

Is this doable ? and what I am missing here ?