Hub v2 ActionTiles, CoRE, Alarmserver upgrade

With the spring sale in effect I was pondering an upgrade path to a v2 hub.
I have about 100 devices, wall tabs with ActionTIles, 50 pistons, DSC alarmserver and Blink cameras (on the way now that they aren’t killing ST integration).
A lot of stuff to move so 2 questions:

  1. Is there any way to pair the existing devices to a new hub without releasing them from the existing hub? Pretty sure 99.9% answer is no but simultaneous hubs is really the key to an operational cut-over.
  2. Wait for WebCoRE to get to Beta and then jump into a full meltdown and recreation of my system? Should need about a week of single malt :frowning:

1: I moved one device at a time from V1 to V2 both plugged in at the same house. Lots of deleting, resetting and rebuilding apps.

You can have multiple hubs but they can’t talk to each other. I have one at home at one at the camper. Both same account.

Why do you need a hub v2?

You can define each hub as being its own “location” on your account, but a zigbee or Z wave device can only be controlled by a single hub. To move a device from one smart things hub to another you have to go through the full exclusion process on the first hub and then inclusion on the second. Unfortunately, the SmartThings hub does not support controller shift. :disappointed_relieved:

Same boat here, not sure when to do it. As previous post suggested, maybe wait til webcore beta :sweat_smile:

Want to get ready for the big bang, CoRE native support! :wink: