Adding a Second Hub: Can I Transfer Devices?

My current hub has trouble reaching our rumpus room at times with zigbee devices sometimes dropping off, so I’ve bit the bullet a got myself a second V3 hub.
So, is there anything i need to do to add the hub and can i move devices from one hub to the other?

I’ve reached the soft limit for memory and drivers, so hoping i can fix that as well.

Ps. I understand that routines with hub to hub run in the cloud as well.

First question - which model hub do you have that you want to transfer from?

There is a hub replace utility that appears after you add a second hub to the same location. BUT it transfers every thing with no option to individually select devices.


Both are smartthings V3 hubs, wanting to only move 20 - 30 devices from main hub to new one.
Mainly aqara devices and a chatty tuya device in the rumpus room and veranda.
Would re adding them with out removing them work??

Haven’t got the hub yet, should be here this week, so just getting my head around things…

Unfortunately, the hub replace utility only migrates everything from one hub to another hub - devices, routines… everything. Then the old hub would be wiped out.

if you wish to move a partial list of devices… you will need to manually remove each device individually from your existing server and add them to your new hub. You will need to install any custom Edge drivers on the new hub before adding devices. If you are using Routines, you will need to do some editing. You may lose some local execution if using Routines with devices from both hubs. You can read more about that in the Hub Replace thread:

The reason I asked about which hub you were transferring from. Even though you wouldn’t be able to use the hub replace utility in your situation… if you ever did in the future, the hub replace works with the V2, V2, Aeotec and The Station hubs. With the Station not supporting z-wave - z-wave devices would not be transferred from the other hubs to it.


Yeah, thought there might have been a shortcut with moving devices.
Most of the routines already run in the cloud with the ones i wish to move, so that’s no big deal either.