Hub v1 End of Life and Replacement - Advice Please

I’ve been running a V1 hub since they first dropped and, for the most part, I’ve been pretty happy with it.

I have about 30 devices that I use with it, in conjunction with IFTT, Yonomi, Amazon Alexa and a Harmony Hub. Pretty simple automations, turning stuff on and off, locking/unlocking doors etc.

I got the notice that the V1s are now end of life and took advantage of the offer to purchase an Aeotec hub. Now I’m looking at what I need to do to plan the upgrade. The problem I’m having is that some of my older devices don’t seem to want to be excluded prior to removal. I’m using the IDE to put the hub into a ZWave Exclusion but when I try to put the devices into exclusion they just won’t go. I also can’t seem to delete them from the app.

I’ve left the Amazon and Harmony connections remain while I am doing this. I don’t know if that’s the problem?

What I’m wondering, since I’m going to delete the hub and my location and recreate them anyway is there a ‘nuclear’ option to forcefully remove the devices, or would they still retain their connection/pairing settings?

My sincere thanks in advance for any advice folks can offer.

brand/model of the devices you are trying to exclude?

there is no ‘nuclear’ option to remove/exclude all devices (zwave) although it would be nice.

if you have trouble removing a device, like a multiple button minimote, go into the IDE and click on that device and delete all the ‘child’ buttons first.

you can try to exclude the fussy devices with the new hub.

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Thanks for the reply. The one’s I’m having bother with are mostly Minimotes and similar device types (securify) some of them I can’t even find anymore.

I don’t really see using them again in the new environment, I just wanted to start the new environment as cleanly as possible.

Best regards

for the minimote, you must go into the IDE and click on that device and delete the ‘child devices’ (buttons) first before you can actually delete the device.

the minimotes are extremely valuable for excluding zwave devices before including/pairing them. you press the “-” (dash button). the top red light starts blinking. then you press the include/exclude buttom on the device. then the top blue light blinks and changes back to the red blinking light. this indicates the zwave device has been excluded and ready to be included on the hub. press any button number on the minimote to stop or let it time out.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

With your help I was able to get everything cleared out, setup and configured the new hub and added my devices back.

Really appreciate the help

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